by Jessie Wang

Nautilus facts:

  • They swim backwards because they haven’t evolved in, like, a million years.
  • They swim by inhaling water and spitting it back out.
  • When the inhale water, they add the salt from the water into their bloodstream. This gives them the requisite Na+ to allow their muscles to fire.
  • The plural of nautilus is unknown to both Jessie and the author.

One of Jessie’s favorite muralists is Etam Cru, a duo of artists from Poland. They have cool murals all over. One of their murals is of a chicken. It served as Jessie’s main inspiration for her mural.

Once she saw a video of one of them painting a mural – he didn’t sketch anything out on the wall, he just held his pencil sketch in one hand and a roller in the other. #goals

Jessie’s process is a bit more intensive (and still just as magical). When I went to visit her while she was painting, I saw pictures taped up all around the edges. The central chicken in the pot is photo referenced, meaning at some point there was a chicken, probably sad, most definitely confused, floating in a pot in a body of water, quietly wondering how it had gotten in such a predicament. She also had a couple of digital sketches printed out. It was colored on Photoshop, but then underwent some filtering on Instagram until she found what she liked. #moderntechnology

The final result is a potpourri of items that don’t have a clear connection, but something about the deliberateness of their combined oddity makes it feel like it should mean something.

jesso progress1
In progress, with a hidden pink sketch.

I’ve had the joy and pleasure of working with Jessie on some other art projects, and I can say this mural stays true to her style. It has very confident strokes, and her signature mix of very cute and quite derpy in the subject matter.

Her favorite part of the mural:

  • The nautilus eye came out real dank. It looks like it’s staring at you.

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