The Borderline is a project running from March to May. It will cover a 200ft long wall under the campus of MIT with murals and magic.

The tunnel in question runs directly underneath Vassar St., connecting buildings 66 and E17. It is a tunnel commonly used by students throughout winter, or in particularly nasty weather. It’s always been seen as a useful connection to get from point A to point B. Through Borderline, we hope to transform this tunnel into a destination.

The murals have been dreamed up by over twenty-five MIT-affiliated artists. Artists will be painting murals throughout the duration of the project. The goal is to have one large, woven-together mural by May.

The magic comes in the form of augmented reality. Murals will have an AR integrated component that can be accessed by viewers through a mobile phone app.

This project is funded by Council of the Arts. Special thanks to Sam Magee.



Julia Rue (Lead) is a junior at MIT studying Mechanical Engineering. She enjoys spending time with her family, and corn.

Tara Lee (Painting Coord) is a senior at MIT studying Biological Engineering. She enjoys collecting pens and being aesthetic.

Jessie Wang (AR Coord) is a sophomore at MIT studying Computer Science. She enjoys cute things and avocados.

Emma DeSoto (Logistics) is a junior at MIT studying Mechanical Engineering. She enjoys watching videos of cute dogs, and street style.



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